International Patients

International Patients

Dr Sodhi’s Health Care is a favourite and convenient destination for international patients seeking fertility treatments for so many reasons.

Most of the pre-IVF workup can be done in the country of residence. The menstrual cycle can also be preponed or postponed as per requirement by using birth control pills so that menstruation starts within 4 to 5 days of arrival & injections for stimulating the ovaries are started soon after. Similarly, for patients requiring egg donation, we can arrange for a suitably matched donor before you arrive and the menstrual cycle of the patient and the egg donor can be matched using the oral contraceptive pill. Average time required to complete the cycle is only about 20 days. The husband needs to be there only for a day to give the semen sample. However, he may be required to arrive at least one week before egg retrieval if the pre-IVF workup has not been done.


For any concerns related to reproductive organs and female complications, you can get your appointment by contacting our number: 8146677366/8146677363/0172-2218044. For any queries, you can also visit Dr Sodhi’s Health Care Multispecialty Hospital & IVF Centre at 1524, S.A.S Nagar, Sector-69 Mohali, Punjab, without any hesitation.

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