Satisfy Your Unhealthy Food Cravings With These Healthy Options

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When it comes to food, we don’t emphasize much on choice. Rather, we grab onto the food items that our body craves for! Unfortunately, the majority of the time, our food cravings are something junk or unhealthy. 

A common reason (out of many) why we crave junk so much nowadays is due to our stress-oriented life. When we are stressed, our palate looks for something that’s convenient, easily available, and makes us feel good. And all unhealthy food meets these traits.

But we all know junk food isn’t healthy! We should replace our unhealthy cravings with healthy ones. Speaking of which, here are delicious healthy food options that you must try: 


Do you like to munch on something crunchy and fried every now and then? Is potato chips a staple in your snack time? If yes, then we have a better alternative. And that is nuts!

Nuts are rich in protein and heart-healthy substances. They have adequate sources of good fat and bioactive macronutrients to keep your health in check. Not just that, the savoury and crunchy taste satisfies your palate and keeps you full for a long. 

You can try different types of nuts like almonds, walnuts, peanuts, pistachios, and hazelnuts. However, don’t go overboard with its quantity, or it may contribute to those extra calories. 

Dark Chocolate

Chocolates can be healthy! But not the milk chocolates that you generally eat. They have more sugar than cocoa. Rather, you should try dark chocolate that has less sugar and more cocoa. Cocoa is rich in antioxidants like flavonoids, and minerals, so it’s definitely a better alternative. 

Eating dark chocolate with 70% or more cocoa is great for reducing stress levels. It can satisfy your chocolate cravings, and you wouldn’t be indulging in anything junk. Plus, it has the right amount of sweetness and bitterness. 

You can choose the cocoa percentage as per your palate. However, the higher the cocoa, the more the benefit. You can eat a small portion of dark chocolate (30-60 g) whenever you crave chocolates/candies. 

Greek Yoghurt

Greek yoghurts are a great replacement for ice creams. Now you may ask, how can a tangy food option satisfy my sweet cravings? Well, that’s the beauty of greek yoghurt! Its thick, creamy, velvety, and tangy texture can handle both sweet and savoury palates.

It’s also rich in protein and low in carbs and fat. If you want a good source of macronutrients, they are worth adding to your diet. 

Greek yoghurt is also known for its health benefits. It can ensure good muscle and bone health, plus a happy gut. And a happy gut means a healthy you! 

Roasted Chickpeas

When you feel too hungry and want something filling, you might crave packaged snacks. However, we recommend switching to roasted chickpeas instead.

Roasted chickpeas, when seasoned correctly, can give you an adequate amount of protein and fibre. You can eat them as it is or add some cumin or paprika for more flavour.

Chickpeas have low glycemic index and fat. So, if you are planning a weight loss regime, this item is a must-have for a calorie-controlled diet. 


Smoothies loaded with lots of fruits/veggies can be a good alternative to milkshakes. It’s a rich source of fibre that further keeps any illnesses at bay. You can also get a nutritional balance of other essentials like protein, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates.

While making your smoothies, you must keep them low on refined sugar. Instead, you should let the natural sweetness of these fruits satisfy your palate. Make sure to add some yoghurt or healthy fats for that added flavour. 

Here are some fruit bases and veggies that you can use for your smoothies:

  • Blueberry
  • Mango

  • Banana 

  • Strawberry

  • Cherry

  • Peach

  • Spinach 

  • Kale

Don’t add any candied fruit, icecreams, sherbets, or sweeteners to the drink. 


Rich in essential nutrients like potassium, fats, and fibre, smashed Avocados make a great spread on whole-wheat bread. You can add this spread instead of jam, or sandwich spreads for your breakfast. 

Avacado toast isn’t just healthy but extremely delicious. You just need to mash them and toss some sea salt, red pepper flakes, and olive oil on top. It’ll taste heavenly!

Although Avocado toast is healthy, it’s recommended to stay mindful of the sizes, especially if you are consuming it daily. That way, you wouldn’t go overboard with the daily calorie intake. 

Avocados are a superfood for health conditions like
PCOD/PCOS. However, consult your doctor before adding any food, particularly for your health issue. 

Air-fried Popcorns

Do you know popcorn can be healthy if you don’t cook them with oil or butter? Air-popped popcorns make a filling and delicious whole-grain snack with lots of fibre.

You just need to keep them lightly seasoned, and that gets the job done! Air-popped popcorn is also easy to make. You just have to cook the kernels in the air fryer and serve.

Line your air fryer basket with foil if it has large holes. Also, don’t add any caramel or butter on the top, as it can increase the overall calorie. 

Lemon Water

Sodas are too cliche! Now it’s time to sip on lemon water to quench the thirst. Lemon water is rich in vitamin C due to its citrus content. It can be easily substituted for juices or non-diet sodas that are immensely loaded with sugar. 

The lemon in lemon water provides refreshment and a flavorful punch. If you want your lemon water to be sweet, add some honey. The drink is also a godsend for better digestion and weight loss, so don’t miss out! 

Food that Seems Healthy But Isn’t

Sometimes you may be eating food items that aren’t healthy, but yet they might seem so. This includes:

  • Multi-grain bread
  • Flavoured yoghurts

  • Soy/Almond milk

  • Energy bars

  • Instant oatmeal

  • Sports drink

  • Margarine

  • Canned food

It’s also recommended to avoid low-fat peanut butter or fat-free salad dressings. Instead, you should have natural peanut butter containing mono-unsaturated fat. Olive oil is a good replacement for salad dressing, so make sure to drizzle some next time you eat salads. 

In addition to above-listed food, you can add a green salad, roasted flax seeds, and roasted fox nuts to your diet. These are rich in essential nutrients and are best to replace unhealthy cravings with healthy snacks. 

So, these were some healthy options for your unhealthy cravings. 


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