Laughing During Pregnancy: Good for You and Your Baby

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They say; laughter is one of the best medicines. Surely it is! It relieves stress, brings you to the moment, and uplifts you. Laughing during pregnancy is even more important.

The mental and physical benefits of laughing benefit the mother and the baby. So, should you laugh loudly during pregnancy? Yes, laugh as long as you feel like doing it. Carrying a baby for 280 days or 40 weeks is a magical journey. And you deserve all the love, laughter, and care. 

So, let’s look at all the benefits of laughing during pregnancy for you and your baby.

How Laughing Affects Baby Development


Here are some ways in which laughing in pregnancy benefits the baby:

Boosts the Development of Baby

According to the studies, hope and happiness positively affect the baby. It results in better prenatal care, which boosts the baby’s development. If you are around loved ones, are positive and have a pregnancy full of laughter, you are doing the best for your baby.

Pregnancy is a roller coaster where you may feel energetic, happy, and cheerful on some days. But on some days, you feel low, fearful and tense. It’s okay to acknowledge the maternity moments and embrace joys and challenges. But gradually you can try to laugh a bit more to be happy.

Creates a Bond With Mother

Many studies have shown that foetuses respond to maternal voice, touch and laughter. It develops the bond with the mother in the womb. When you laugh, it gives a sense of joy to the baby. They recognize your voice, touch and can sense you. Therefore having a good time full of positivity is best for the mother and the baby.

Strengthens Nervous System 

Of course, a healthy diet and staying active are important for the baby’s overall development. But, if you are happy and laugh more, it triggers the generation of brain cells in that area. This makes the baby’s nervous system strong and intelligent.

It Helps to Prevent Premature Delivery

Preterm labour begins before 37 weeks of pregnancy. This can result due to many conditions. But, it’s been researched that happy mothers have fewer chances of preterm delivery. Good laughter and healthy pregnancy can help you manage the conditions which may lead to preterm labour. 

Benefits of Laughing During Pregnancy for Women


Here are some amazing benefits of laughing for pregnant women:

It Helps to Manage Pregnancy Stress and Related Conditions

There are lots of hormonal fluctuations during various stages of pregnancy. Also, you may feel anxious, stressed, fearful or tense from time to time. But a good laugh can help you manage it. If you are positive and laughing, you can make the signs of stress which also extends to postpartum time. 

Manages Blood Pressure

An elevated blood rate is common in pregnant women. But, with a good laugh and a happy atmosphere, you can manage it. Also, in a study, it was found that laughing during pregnancy helps to manage blood pressure. 

So, laugh as much as you want and regulate the healthy blood pressure range. Of course, other factors control it, but it can help manage it a bit.

Distracts the Mom from Pregnancy Symptoms

You can distract from the pregnancy symptoms if you indulge in good laughs, happy moments, and lots of joy. A cheerful environment around you will help you easily pass the pregnancy stage.

Just like you can satisfy your unhealthy food cravings with these healthy options. In the same way, you can distract yourself with a good laugh.

Tips to Stay Happy and bring lots of Laughter


A pregnancy full of laughter has many positive effects on the mother and baby. So, build a very happy atmosphere around you. When you feel low, you can take your time and talk to your loved ones. It’s very important to feel, acknowledge and deal with every feeling. To help you, here are some tips to gradually bring lots of laughter to you and your baby:

  • Be around the people you love.
  • You can watch some comedy and the shows that make you laugh the most.
  • Read comics.
  • Hang out with your friends. Quality time with buddies means lots of laughter and old memories.
  • You can also practise laughter yoga under the guidance of experts. A study says that it calms and distresses the mothers. Also, it leads to a lot of benefits for mother and baby.

So, Keep laughing

Pregnancy is surely the most special phase of any mother and couple. Everyone has individual symptoms and factors that set the course of their pregnancy. However, you can follow the essential tips for a healthy pregnancy to elevate your journey.

The key is eating healthy, staying active, and being around your loved ones. Also, remember to stay in touch with your doctor and refer to expert advice for trying anything new. So, stay smiling and laughing during pregnancy.

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