A Heartiest Letter to a Mom Grieving a Miscarriage


Dear grieving mom,

The pain miscarriage brings is real, and you’re allowed to grieve. 

All you need to know is that you have support, hope and all the love you need around you. Strong Lady, you must embrace the pain, let your heart out and share your thoughts with loved ones.

You are assured that you will stand up more powerfully, with a full heart and the ability to start new beginnings. You may face constant confusion, and guilt, ruling out reasons, avoiding people, and questioning God. But, after embracing every feeling and passing of each thought, you will experience stronger hope than any force.

Did you know that 10–15 % of pregnancies end in miscarriages worldwide, and there are many external and internal reasons. However, there have been successful pregnancies immediately after a miscarriage which brings positivity.

So, let the question come to you, talk to experts and your loved ones and take your time to feel the pain. We understand your loss and want you to rise gloriously after passing this emotional phase. The most beautiful thing about life is it thrives and gives hope even after a feeling of loss.

As Kenji Miyazawa said, 

“We must embrace the pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.

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Luckily, there are many ways to welcome motherhood, and this hope is enough to fuel you. We are with you on this journey and want to share maximum support and offer hope. To all the women who have experienced miscarriages, it’s time to take tiny steps to acknowledge and move forward with the support of loved ones and experts.

The loss is irreplaceable; no matter how empathetic we feel, we can’t measure your feelings. Therefore we want you to make small efforts and stand stronger than before gradually.

Some of the steps you can take after experiencing a miscarriage are:

Acknowledge the Feelings

As a woman who has felt this loss, you should not silence the topic. Instead, talk about it with people you’re most comfortable with. You, along with your partner, have suffered a loss. So, talking about it, embracing the pain, feelings, mood swings, anxiety, and failure can help you heal faster.

Don’t Blame Yourself

Many times women shut off people and create a silence around the topic. She blames herself for the activities or certain decisions that lead to miscarriage.

You must know that pregnancy is a complex process, and many genetic factors may contribute to the happening. It’s an uncontrollable factor which can occur to anyone. So, blaming your decisions and actions is not the solution. Instead, talk to experts and heal yourself to start a new journey.

Talk to Experts

If you cannot take it off your mind and experience very bad mental or physical health, it’s time to talk to experts. Healthy talk with a therapist, people and experts may help calm your feelings. It would be best to feel the pain without letting it overpower you.

Through interactive therapy sessions, you may be asked to write down your emotions and talk to mothers who have experienced the same and had successful pregnancies later. Tiny steps towards overcoming the feelings will help you a lot.

Let Yourself Physically Heal

There are many hormonal and physical changes in pregnancy which occur after miscarriages. You are in a vulnerable state. So, always take care of your health, take medications, and fulfil your diet requirements. Moreover, the experts may suggest things to satisfy your unhealthy food cravings with these healthy options during this phase. Feeling energetic and healthy will help you let you mentally heal and start again.

Ready to try Again?

Getting Pregnant In Your 30s

They say, “the pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow!”

After acknowledging all your feelings, being around loved ones and talking to experts, it’s your call to start again. It’s solely your decision and the right care that can help you begin the journey again.

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We know that women require much-specialised care and compassion after a miscarriage. Therefore, we go through the procedure and address each with the right medication and the course of action.

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Fortunately, getting pregnant after a miscarriage is possible, and we guide you at each step of successful pregnancy and delivery. So, contact the Best IVF Centre in Mohali now. The successful stories of so many couples prove how patiently we deal with these cases to conquer them. 

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