Preparing for the Big Day: Essential Tips for a Smooth Delivery

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Awaiting the welcome of your precious little one could be a joyful yet nervously exciting experience. This is certainly true for both experienced and new would-be parents. As you get ready for this wonderful day, it’s important to make sure everything goes right during the delivery.

From adopting the appropriate lifestyle to finding a reliable maternity hospital, you’d need to take care of every important aspect for a smooth delivery. To help you experience healthy and happy delivery, let’s first understand how you can search for a trusted care provider. 

Choosing the Best Maternity Hospital in Chandigarh

Selecting the right maternity hospital is crucial for the safe delivery of your baby. If you’re a resident of Tricity (and nearby areas), you can easily find some of the excellent maternity care services in Chandigarh. These centres offer comprehensive prenatal and postnatal care with advanced facilities and a supportive environment for you and your baby. To make sure you always choose the right hospital, consider the following factors:

  • The hospital’s expertise in high-risk pregnancies
  • Availability of maternity care units
  • Patient reviews
  • Hygiene 
  • Insurance coverage (if applicable)

In addition, you should take a tour of the hospital and explore the available facilities. If possible, you also can speak to other parents who have had experiences there, and discuss your expectations with the hospital staff.

Preparing for the Big Day

Once you have chosen the best maternity hospital, it’s time to focus on welcoming your bundle of joy. Here are some important tips to ease your worries and prepare for your baby’s arrival. 

1. Attend prenatal classes – Prenatal classes provide valuable information about childbirth techniques, breathing exercises, and coping strategies. Many of them are designed for both mothers and fathers to ensure a happy collective experience of childbirth. These classes will help you build confidence and prepare for the challenges of labour.

2. Create a birth plan – Discuss your birth preferences with your gynaecologist and put together a birth plan. It should include your pain management preferences, desired support people in the delivery room, and any special requests you may have.

3. Maintain a positive mindset –  To psychologically prepare for child delivery, you must stay positive. Surround yourself with supportive people, and trust your body’s ability in bringing new life into the world. Watch entertaining content that keeps you cheerful and practice relaxation techniques like deep breathing exercises and meditation. 

4. Eat well –  You must feed your body right during pregnancy. Aim for a balanced diet packed with fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and whole grains. Stay hydrated and pay attention to your body’s signals. Eating well boosts your energy and nutrient levels required for a healthy delivery. 

5. Stay active – Regular exercise during pregnancy enhances your strength and stamina. Try enjoyable and easy activities like prenatal yoga or walking. Learn more about exercises and activities that are safe during pregnancy. Simultaneously, consult a doctor or maternity care expert to receive the right guidance. 

6. Get soothing massages:  Relaxing, gentle massages during pregnancy work wonders! They soothe muscle tension, boost blood flow, and melt away stress and anxiety. Moreover, special techniques like perineal massage make you more flexible and help prevent tearing during childbirth. Massage also promotes relaxation and increases the production of oxytocin, the hormone responsible for contractions.

7.  Pack your hospital bag – Prepare a bag with essential items such as comfortable clothing, toiletries, nursing bras, and items for your baby. Include important documents like your ID, insurance information, and birth plan. If you use special pillows or blankets suiting your comfort needs, don’t hesitate in carrying them along, too. Remember, your comfort is of the utmost importance during this crucial time. 

8. Arrange transportation – Make sure you look for a reliable conveyance in advance to stay prepared for rushing to the hospital during labour pain. Keep emergency contact numbers handy and plan alternative routes in case of traffic or other unforeseen circumstances. You can also get in touch with the transportation services of the hospital you choose for delivery. 

Bonus Tip – Feel at Ease with Temperature Therapy

To relieve discomfort before and after pregnancy, try heat and cold therapy. Apply a hot water bottle, heating pad, or microwaveable bag to your lower abdomen or back for warmth and relief. Alternatively, use a cold pack on your back to soothe and reduce back pain. Switching between these two therapies can help you find the most effective solution as per your need. 

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